Dear Parents/Guardians,

 Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! I am the Royal Green Elementary School Counselor who will work with your children.

 The Guidance and Counseling program is an integral part of the students’ curriculum. All the students in school will participate in classroom guidance activities delivered by the school counselor throughout the year. These activities will assist them in improving their academic performance, study skills, self-esteem, ability to get along with others, problem solving and decision making skills, and goal setting. In addition, I will be working with some students in small groups and/or individually, offering support or helping out those who might be experiencing emotional, behavioral, or learning difficulties.

 Throughout the year students will receive instruction on Bullying Prevention and the District’s Nine Core Values through our Values Matter Curriculum. Every month one core value will be highlighted and posted on the school calendar. An integral part of ensuring that students incorporate these values into their lives is for parents to review and discuss the values at home with the children. In an effort to create a No Place for Hate School I will be teaching the children about becoming an Ally as a way of instituting respect for each other and preventing hurtful behavior. The code of student conduct will be reviewed with each class at the beginning of the school year so students are aware of the behavior that is expected of them. Study skill and Career Awareness Development will also be taught during classroom guidance lessons. Finally this year we will venture into social and emotional learning lessons which will help children cultivate essential life skills including managing their emotions, awareness of one’s own emotions, setting goals, resolving conflicts, fostering respect and care for others, establishing strong relationships, making ethical and responsible decisions, and handling adversity constructively. It will be a busy school year!

I am available for consultation with parents regarding problems, needs, and developmental issues concerning your children. Please feel free to contact me at the school at (305) 221-4452 x2115 or via email at ncarreno@dadeschools.net . I hope that this school year will be filled with pleasant and successful experiences for you and your children.




Mrs. Carreno

School Counselor

Royal Green Elementary

13047 SW 47 Street

Miami, FL 33175

Phone: (305) 661-7661 x120

Fax: (305) 662-2935